welcome to Tiara Jones Counseling & CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES

My mission:

To deliver professional counseling and case management services to adults and families by providing the tools and resources needed to help resolve personal problems and meet manageable goals.

My vision:

I am dedicated to helping adults and their families feel empowered to manage their stressors through supportive counseling and linkage to community resources. I would like to provide a safe and trusting environment so that we can collaborate to set and achieve manageable goals.

I have been a social worker since 2007 and I love what I do. Helping people brings me great joy, but helping people to help themselves is even more gratifying. There are so many community resources and support for people to benefit from, but many people do not know how it access it. I am here to connect you to the resources and additional support you need, and also provide you with counseling as you process your feelings surrounding the event that lead you to seek my services.

I am meeting you where YOU are so let’s begin this journey together!




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    Case management is a method of providing services whereby a profession social worker collaboratively assess the needs of....

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    If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session time. You will..

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    I do not participate in- network with any insurance panels. You will be provided with an invoice after each session....


  • Tiara Jones, LCSW

    I am a social worker not only because of what I can do for others, but because of what others do for me.

  • (510) 468-7067

    I am available by phone Monday through Friday until 6:00pm and Saturday until 4:00pm. Please leave a message if I do not answer. I will return your call within 24 hours.

  • I check my email multiple times per day. Feel free to email me if you are unable to reach me by phone as you may receive a quicker response.