Senior Case Management

Long-Term and Senior Case Management 

If you’ve spent your many years helping others, such as raising your children or giving your all to your job, you may not know what to do now that it’s you that needs a helping hand. Fortunately, the society around you values you and all you’ve done and is eager to give back. You just need to know where to look to find supportive services.

If you or your elderly loved one needs help, give me a call. I’m an experienced social worker who specializes in connecting people to the community resources around them. Contact me for senior case management or long-term case management in Alameda County.

Find the Tools You Need

Perhaps you’ve developed health problems that prevent you from continuing to work, and you’re not sure how to make ends meet, or maybe as you’ve aged you’ve found that you can’t keep up with your daily tasks anymore. No matter your situation, I’m here to help you find solutions, and I promise to treat you with respect and compassion.

As a case manager, I’ll sit down with you to talk through what’s going on, what led to your current situation, and what your options are for solving it. Once you’ve decided on how to move forward, I’ll connect you to the community resources that can give you support — for examples of the types of services that I can help you with, take a look at this list of resources.

Get Started

If you’re a senior citizen who needs assistance, or if you have an elderly loved one in need of help, call me today at (510) 731-0077 or send me an email at — I make sure to stay available for my clients, so you’ll get a quick response. I look forward to speaking with you soon.